Climate change is at an all-time high and there is a dire need for sustainable measures. Supplies for school are paper and plastic intensive, so to reduce carbon footprint, it is necessary to switch to eco-friendly school supplies.

Green products made through upcycling or recycling can be fun, and educational at the same time. School supplies are a cool way to teach about the importance of recycling and increasing the green cover.

When buying school supplies for your kid, you can buy them eco-friendly products that will not only help them learn in a less chemically equipped environment but save the planet as well. 

We have brought this guide to help you buy the best eco-friendly school supplies for your child. Read through the end to know all about it. 

Eco-Friendly Back To School Essentials

  1. Eco-Friendly Backpacks

A backpack is an inevitable purchase because where else is your kid going to put all the school supplies? Kids these days want quality and style to go hand in hand. Eco-friendly backpacks are both durable and chic. They come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Furthermore, these last for a lifetime, and being biodegradable, throwing them away will not harm the planet in any way.

These are usually made of recycled polyester, aluminum, and polycarbonate; all equally sturdy materials. Therefore, when it comes to durability, backpacks manufactured from these materials will handle all types of stress. Your child can put a laptop, books, and all other essentials and this won’t rip apart. 

  1. Pens And Pencils

Your child’s school day will go to waste if they do not have a pen or pencil to write with. Being highly used, the pencil waste is always adding to the environment. Furthermore, the pencils are usually made from wood, and cutting down trees reduces forest cover. Similar is the case with pens. Most of them are made of plastic which is non-biodegradable and throwing them away further increases environmental pollution. Therefore, it’s time to switch to eco-friendly options.

The recyclable pencils are usually made from old newspapers. This way, not only paper waste is reduced but the thing your child writes with also becomes chemical-free. In the case of pens, recyclable ink is being utilized which is usually made from hybrid oil gel.

  1. Recyclable Water Bottle

Everyone needs to stay hydrated whatever the weather conditions are. Every other day thousands of plastic bottles end up in waste which again raises the plastic content of the planet. 

The eco-friendly water bottles are usually made of recyclable metal which makes them durable. These come in several styles. You can choose a sipper, a sports bottle, or one with a recyclable straw. Many also have a buckle to attach.

When it comes to beautification, these are available in all colors and are embellished by paintings and carvings. Additionally, these will fit into your child’s bag easily so they will not have to carry it around separately. 

  1. Pencil Case

If you go through your kid’s cupboard, you will find an old pencil case that will go to waste. This will further add to the already increasing environmental pollution. You can play your part in limiting waste by buying an eco-friendly pencil case.

These are usually made of recyclable leather and come in various designs. Furthermore, these are quite spacious and carry all the stationery very well. Another exceptional feature is that these can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, unlike those plastic ones where stains remain.

  1. Notebooks 

The most essential school supply is undoubtedly the notebooks, so they also generate the most waste. Furthermore, paper is made from wood, and cutting trees and deforestation does nothing but harm the environment.

Eco-friendly notebooks provide a good solution to avoid all the collateral damage caused by cutting down forests. These are made from recycled paper or sugarcane fiber, both of which are biodegradable. The use of these biodegradable materials also makes them PLAB and lead-free which otherwise are very toxic compounds. What’s more, is that some of these are plantable. Once the notebook finishes, you can plant it and the seed in it will grow to become a plant.

  1. Eco-Friendly Stapler

Have you ever heard of a stapleless stapler? Well, it is a thing now. You must be wondering how a stapler will staple without its pins. These eco-friendly staplers use a unique folding technique to bind around 10 sheets together with good strength and without any additional force. 

These are quite portable and kid-friendly. Using an ecological stapler will not only reduce the waste but also protect your kid’s fingers from getting cuts. 

  1. Adhesives 

Adhesives include glues and tapes. These are especially important during the art class. The non-green glue usually makes the work untidy and its chemicals are not good for the skin as well.

On the other hand, eco-friendly glue not only dries well but leaves no stains behind. This can also be used for sticking something onto the skin as these are acid-free and non-toxic.

Similarly, you can use tape made from acacia gum. All you need to do is wet it a bit before use and it is good to go. 

  1. Green Eraser

Your kid will always need an eraser as part of the school supply. Why not buy one which is non-toxic to the environment? The eco-friendly erasers are made from rubber latex and natural silica sand to rub pencil and ink respectively. 

On top of being environmentally friendly, these erase and do not leave behind any untidy marks, unlike the non-green erasers.

  1. Binders 

What is the importance of using recyclable paper if you are going to use a plastic binder? Choosing a biodegradable and recyclable binder is a very eco-friendly choice. These are made from plant-based biodegradable plastic or recycled fiber. 

These may not be very stylish but your kids can decorate them to their own will and make them customized.

  1. Ruler 

Last but not least on our list of eco-friendly supplies for school is an organic ruler. The plastic rulers break and chip quite easily and add to the waste. Therefore, switching to a biodegradable ruler will lessen pollution.

These are made of natural fibers and are quite durable.

Bottom Line

When choosing school supplies for your kids, going green is your way of contributing to a healthier planet. This will also invoke a sense of using eco-friendly products in the younger generation which after all is good for all of us.