10 Easy Vegetables To Grow In Grow Tent

Grow tent is an awesome asset for an indoor gardener.  Grow tent provides the most accurate and optimal environment for your plants. Grow tent can solve the most important problems for indoor gardeners like temperature, lighting, and humidity. In other words, you can control the weather for your indoor garden. 

You can grow plenty of plants in a grow tent. You can even build your own little vegetable garden in a grow tent kit. From herbs and microgreens to salad greens, dwarf varieties of tomatoes, beans, and strawberries are very easy to grow in a grow tent. 

First, you need to choose a good-sized grow tent if you really want to grow plenty of veggies. You can use a small-sized grow tent for a small herb garden, but for veggies like tomatoes, pepper, and beans, you will need a good-sized grow tent. Here are 4 best grow tents you can buy on Amazon for growing veggies.

1: Tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes indoors is not a very easy task. For tomato plants, you will need a slightly bigger tent. You cannot just grow 10 or 20 tomato plants in a grow tent. But you can still grow a few plants of dwarf varieties of tomatoes. 

And believe me, if you take good care of your plants, few will be enough for your whole family. And let’s not forget, you can grow tomatoes a whole year, in a controlled environment of a tent without worrying about winter. 

Here are a few varieties of dwarf tomatoes (these varieties only grow 7 to 10 inches in height) you can easily grow in your grow tent:   

2: Carrots.

Carrots are very easy to grow. In fact, this veggie is very beginner-friendly.  You can grow carrots directly from seeds, seedlings or regrow from store-bought carrots. Because carrots grow underground, you will need a bigger pot or grow bag. One foot deep and the one-foot wide container would be ideal to grow carrots.  

3: Mushrooms. 

Mushroom is an excellent choice for a beginner indoor gardener. In a few days, you can easily have an indoor garden full of mushrooms. Mushrooms are very fast growing. Small-sized mushrooms have a growth time of only 2 to 3 days. A big mushroom (size of the plate) only takes 10 to 15 days. 

4: Green Beans. 

Green bean plants grow very tall and very fast. Pick a container, pot or grow bag to sow the seeds of green beans, or plant a seedling. Use potting soil, instead of topsoil. Potting soil can provide plenty of nutrients to your plants for weeks, and the topsoil of the garden cannot provide even for a few days. 

5: Bell Pepper. 

Bell pepper plants are extremely easy to grow in a grow tent. If you want to try different varieties of bell pepper, I suggest you sow the seeds and grow different varieties. Or you can buy some seedlings from a nursery and start with that. 

Going with seedlings can save you the time of a few days, but you cannot grow so many different varieties and you cannot buy seedlings in winter. For varieties and winter bell peppers, you have to choose seeds. 

6: Ginger

We use ginger in almost every curry we make. It is also very easy to grow. You can even grow ginger from store-bought. Here is how to regrow ginger from store-bought: 

Firstly, wash the pieces of ginger with water. Because they use some kind of growth inhibitor to increase the shelf life of ginger. Now plant that bulb in a container or grow bag fill with potting soil. Give water to that bulb (no overwatering for indoor plants). 

7: Onion

Like ginger, onion is also a very important ingredient for dishes. Onion is also a member of superfoods. Grow bags are great to grow onions in a grow tent. Or if you wanted to grow in a pot, choose a deep pot with a drainage hole. 

A drainage hole is necessary for all the veggies. Start to grow onion from seeds or seedlings. When the green stalk of onion is 6 inches, its time to harvest onions. 

8: Beets

Beets are easy to grow in pots or grow bags. Deep and bigger pots or grow bags would be a great choice for growing beets. A growing method of beets is the same as other veggies. 

A container filled with potting soil is all you need to grow beets. Use seeds or seedlings of beets to cure blood pressure in a grow tent. 

9: Radish

If you want vitamin C, folate and potassium in your salad, grow radish at any time of year inside the grow tent. In 25 to 30 days, you can harvest the crop of radish. 

Radish plants are moisture-loving plants, so keep watering them. Use your finger to check the moisture level of soil, if it feels a little dry, water the plants. 

10: Spinach

There are different varieties of spinach available in the market. These varieties are named as savoy (wrinkly leaves) semi-savoy (less wrinkly leaves) and smooth (smooth looking leaves). 

These varieties are very easy to grow in a grow tent. Spinach is very easy and the fastest green to grow indoors. Grow spinach directly from seeds.