10 Christmas gift ideas for those who wear glasses

As Christmas is just around the corner, I hope you’ve started buying gifts for your loved ones. Don’t tell me you haven’t made a shopping list yet. 

But don’t make the mistake of buying just anything that’s of no use to the person you’re gifting to. Make sure your gift adds some value to their lives. 

If you’re shopping for a glasses wearer, those people are simple. They need something that makes their life with glasses a little easier. 

What to get people who wear glasses?

Show some love and care to your bespectacled friend or family member this year and make their lives a little easier. 

Eyeglasses necklace 

If they love their glasses, this necklace will make them fall in love with their glasses all over again. Adding a touch of whimsy to any look, eyeglasses charm is the bling your eyewear needs. 

Buying these necklaces online will save you some money and time. These are available in luxe jewel tones and add a sophisticated feel to your designer glasses.

Eyeglasses cleaning kit 

Those who wear glasses know how handy this kit is. When you don’t have proper tools to clean your glasses with, you clean them your or handkerchief. 

However, if you want your glasses to live long and stay as new as ever, cleaning them at least once every day is the catch. 

Lens cleaning wipes

Some people don’t clean their eyeglasses every day. This allows dirt and germs to accumulate on the lenses and frames increasing your risk of developing an eye infection. 

Lens cleaning wipes are the easiest solution to keep your glasses clean no matter where you at. From nasty smudges to fog, these wipes will wipe everything off of your lenses. Also, these are multi-purpose as you also can clean your smartphone screen with it.

Another pair of glasses

What could be a better gift for a glasses wearer than an extra pair of glasses?

If they wear glasses for vision correction, then spectacles are definitely the single most important thing in their lives. Thus, you can bring them another pair of eyeglasses with their prescription on them so they can use them as a spare pair in case an emergency strikes. 

You can find incredible deals and discounts online as many eyewear companies have put up the Christmas sale already. You can even buy Christmas glasses in red and green to get into the spirit of the festive season.

Spectacle holder

People who wear glasses are so guilty of leaving their glasses anywhere and then searching for them afterwards blindly. But guess what? You can put an end to this problem. 

Get them a spectacle holder so they have a designated place to put their eyeglasses at. To make it a little funny and interesting to look at, buy those rosewood nose spectacle holders. You can either put them on your bedside table or your workstation at the office. 

Glasses case

Glasses usually come in boring cases that have nothing interesting about them. You can resolve this situation by gifting them a designer or rad glasses case with their name or initials engraved on it. Make the colour suits their taste and the case is of good quality so they can use it for a reasonable amount of time. 

Sports glasses

If you don’t wear glasses, you won’t understand how difficult it is to do a workout in them. The frames slip off your face and the lenses get smeared in your sweat. It’s dangerous when you’re dealing with heavy gym equipment and suddenly your eyesight fails you. 

Sports glasses have a nice grip and hug your face perfectly. They are meant for these intense physical activities. The frames are flexible enough to adjust with the changing facial movements. 

A designer cleaning cloth

Cleaning cloths are plain and simple. However, they can be made interesting to look at. 

Get them a designer cleaning cloth or customise one as per their preference. For instance, if the person you’re a gift for is into animals, get an animal print on the cloth. Or it can be floral if they like something elegant. 

Anti-slip hooks

Eyeglasses that don’t fit your face slip off every opportunity they get. However, frames also do fall off when you bend to pick up something. 

So, you can get your friend an anti-slip hook that they can attach to the glasses temples. Their glasses won’t ever move as long as the hooks are on. But you have to get them more than one pair in case if they misplace them. 

Glasses repair kit 

Eyeglasses are little devices that need repair every now and then. If the frame has become a little loose, the tiny screwdrivers need to be tightened to get the frame back into shape. Having a glasses repair kit at home comes in handy when you have to do these little adjustments yourself.