10 Best Mind Games for Android and iOS

Excessive use of smartphones is not only harmful to the eyes, but also to the mind. But erudition, just, you can train and develop and do it with the help of your gadget. Here are the top ten best mind games for Android and iOS. They will help you get smarter using your smartphone, develop thinking, logic games, and general knowledge, but at the same time not get bored and have a good time.

Battle of the Geniuses: Online Quiz

“Clash of Geniuses: Quiz Online” is not just a boring quiz, but the first such game with an RPG component. Players are allowed to play as 15 historical characters. Each of them needs to be pumped in intellectual battles with other famous people. The hero also has equipment. Like a classic RPG, it improves stats and helps in wrestling. And in the battles themselves, gamers attack each other with knowledge: for this, you need to choose your favorite category and answer the questions correctly. An incorrect answer takes away health from the protagonist and a correct answer from the enemy. The victory gives prizes, experience, invaluable knowledge, and, of course, the pleasure of the game.

DaVinci Mysteries Quiz

Quiz “DaVinci Mysteries” received two game modes: classic and quiz. In the first case, participants are required to answer questions in different categories of knowledge (art, cinema, games, cities, great people, etc.). In the second, players are waiting for a limited number of questions on one topic, to which they must give as many correct answers as possible. The application has a bright and minimalistic design, which encourages you not to be distracted by nonsense and fully concentrate on the question and the tension of the convolutions.


QuizzLand is a cute and entertaining intelligence quiz where participants have to answer a lot of questions, testing their abilities and IQ level. The game consists of constantly increasing levels of difficulty, so answering questions does not bother you – as soon as you pass one level of difficulty, you are transferred to a higher level, where there is something to learn and something to remember.

Trivia Crack

The popular intellectual game Trivia Crack has got many sequels and offshoots, but the original is still popular and attracts brain warriors from all over the world. Trivia Crack has a constantly updated database of questions from the creators, but if you wish, you can ask your own and answer questions from other participants. For greater engagement and gamification, the app features a collection of cards, online chat, and an achievement system. Trivia Crack is also famous for its bright cartoonish design, user-friendly menu, playful little men, and the already classic range of questions.


Imagzle is a popular puzzle game that is useful for developing abstract and logical thinking. The principle of the game is quite simple: there is a question and a picture with a hint, and the user’s task is to find the answer. It seems that everything is quite simple and this is generally a game for a second grader, but in fact, everything is much more interesting. Questions cover a wide range of areas, there are music and game levels, and they are replenished every week. To pass many levels, you will have to use your wit, associative memory, and sometimes, perhaps, Google. The goal of the game is to solve sometimes very intricate puzzles, look for non-standard solutions and usefully strain the convolutions.