What can you do with a Degree in Fine Arts?

Graduates with a fine arts degree develop a range of creative and practical skills. What’s more, they also gain valuable experience of showcasing their talent in exhibitions and competitions. As a fine arts student, you would also be able to develop your portfolio. 

If you are imaginative and creative, a degree in art could be just what you are looking for to express yourself. No doubt, arts may not be a vocational subject. But that doesn’t mean that you would be short of exciting career opportunities. 

The skills you earn during your tenure at the college would be highly valued and transferable to many sectors and domains. However, note that as an art student, you should always have a portfolio of your work. This would help employers to recognize your talent. Here are some of the job opportunities to look forward to after completing a master of fine arts in UP

Professional Artist 

If you possess great talent and dedication, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue your career as a professional artist. As this is a highly competitive career path, you should stay motivated to get the best out of yourself. Relevant work experience comes in handy to evolve as a professional artist. 


As an illustrator, your prominent job role is to use creative skills to communicate stories and messages to the audiences. Note that illustrators usually work on a freelance basis for various clients. 

Furthermore, illustrators are likely to possess expertise in a specific field like drawing, digital illustration, photography, etc. If you want to be an illustrator, you should develop a portfolio that showcases your exact skills. Mastering the art of Computer-Aided Design or CAD would help you evolve as a professional in the future.    


As an animator, you would be asked to produce various images called frames. When sequenced together, these frames usually create an illusion of movement. You have to work in the visual effects team on a film or in advertising. 

Note that the field of animation is a competitive one, and your portfolio should have a great variety to impress employers. To enhance your chances of employment, a postgraduate degree in animation is the best option. But note that you should have artistic talent along with strong technical skills. 


The best master of fine arts college in UP would help you nurture and develop your skills so that you can be a great professional. As a curator, you would be overseeing the best way to present an exhibition to the public. 

Curators are also tasked to raise funds and collaborate with other artists. To be precise, curators encompass a vast range of mediums, from contemporary artworks to traditional sculptures. As this field is competitive, having a proper specialization is a must.  

Note that art graduates can also apply for mainstream jobs. You can also opt for a specialization course to increase your relevancy in the industry. A degree in fine arts ensures that you nurture your creativity to a great extent.