The Different Types of Construction Vehicles That Exist Today

Did you know that the first construction vehicle that was mass-produced was the Fordson Tractor in 1917? Because it is not humanly possible to lift tons of weight without some type of machine and vehicle to help, construction vehicles have evolved over the years. Nowadays there are quite a few different types of construction vehicles, making it a bit confusing when deciding what to use for a project. 

If you are in the construction industry it is imperative to know the most common construction vehicles used.

1. Loader

These are large vehicles that are used to transport materials from one place to another without pushing them across the ground. Usually, materials like demolition rubble, soil, sand, and rock are moved with loaders.

The truck is made up of a large front bucket that connects to two arms AKA booms, and it sweeps loose material from the ground. If you need to move or transport your loader, you can contact a reputable company such as hot shot trucking to help you. 

2. Excavator

Any construction site or project that requires digging large holes or trenches requires an excavator. Excavators have a cabin where the driver sits inside to operate it and it has a rotating platform.

. The driver can control the bucket and boom to dig out the area. 

3. Grader

Sometimes these are called motor graders or road graders. Graders have a long blade that is used to remove any small amount of dirt and help create a flat surface where needed. These are normally used when constructing roads and when maintaining dirt and gravel roads. 

Sometimes graders are also used to prepare the base of paved roads which is where the asphalt is placed. On certain occasions before constructing large buildings, a grader is used to set the soil foundation. 

4. Backhoes

These are used to excavate dirt and dig trenches and ditches. You might recognize a backhoe when you see snowplow vehicles clearing the roads. The pro about using a backhoe is that it can travel to rough terrains where sometimes other construction vehicles are not able to get to. 

In some instances, backhoes are used to clean up a construction site. Backhoes can also help dig trees and roots that are deep-rooted in the ground. A backhoe can be mounted on a front-loader vehicle or on a regular tractor. 

5. Forklifts

Forklifts are not limited to only working inside large warehouses to move pallets. These can also move heavy loads around a construction site. When something is way too heavy to move by hand, a forklift will come in handy.

One of the pros of forklifts is that the forks can not only go up and down but can also get tilted as needed to avoid a load from slipping off. 

Now You Know the Different Types of Construction Vehicles

With the knowledge above of the most common types of construction vehicles, you can make an informed decision on which vehicle is best for your construction needs. 

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