How to Secure Your Home From Cold-Weather Pests

Are winter pests in your home? Do you fear a pest invasion that may ruin your house and health? If yes, then blog is the place to be. Winter months can force many unpleasant visitors into your abode where it is warm and cozy.

Mosquitoes and bees won’t appear until spring, but mice, squirrels, stink bugs, cockroaches, and others may. This situation: what to do? Well, safeguard your home against cold-weather pests by following some simple steps.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Cold-Weather Pests Out of Your Abode

1.   Seal Up Cracks and Gaps

Through cracks and openings, winter pests may enter your house. These fractures may be in your foundation, water pipes, or doors. The best bet is to consult some reliable pest eliminators in Sarasota, FL and ask them to weatherstrip and caulk your home. These two simple steps can make a mile of a difference in preventing winter pests from entering your abode.

2.   Inspect the Roof

In case the roof of your home is not properly sealed, it could become an accessible point for rodents, insects, pests and even birds. Thus, before the biting winters begin and snow takes over your roof, it is essential to do some inspection and repair or replace any missing shingles.

This way, you do not leave any open entry points for winter pests. Similarly, in the winter, the roof may be exposed to snow and intense rain, which may cause loose or broken shingles to come off. Trim low-hanging tree branches near your roof immediately.

3.   Deal with Dampness and Moisture

Needless to say, pests and rodents thrive in humid, warm and damp environments. Of course, the weather is dry during winters but your basement or crawlspace might not be. These two spaces of the home are highly susceptible to moisture saturation, which may become a lure for pests of all kinds, even during peak winters.

Thus, remember to run a humidifier and make sure that any dripping faucets or leaking pipes are repaired quickly.

4.   Cut the Clutter

Mice, insects, spiders, cockroaches, etc, constantly seek out hiding spots where they can nest, rest and dodge detection. Quite understandably, a dark and cluttered environment is ideal for pests to populate and take over your home. So, make sure to keep your home clean and clutter-free. Simultaneously, keep your kitchen extra clean and devoid any food bits and leftovers. Stale or leftover food lying inside the house becomes an attraction for pests.

5.   Clean the Gutters

Of course, pest-proofing your home during winters is incomplete without cleaning the gutters. They are exposed to leaves, twigs and debris. Without timely cleaning, gutters can get clogged and become an ideal place for standing water, which attracts pests. So, make sure to keep the gutters and drainage around your property squeaky clean throughout the seasons.

If things seem too difficult to hand, do not hesitate to call the best pest eliminators in Sarasota, FL.