How many hours of wedding photography do you really need?

To create beautiful photos from the wedding day takes a lot of time. In some processes, the couple and guests are involved directly, and some take place without their participation (creating shared memories of the holiday atmosphere). The choice of wedding photography timeline, that is the amount of time the contractor works at the event, depends on how many moments you want to capture in the pictures. 

It’s worth inviting a photographer, no matter what type of celebration you prefer: a modest family dinner or a pompous event for several hundreds of guests.  If you want to live these pleasant emotions again and again over the years, you should create a photo gallery of memories. It remains only to consider how long it will take to create it. 

6 hour wedding photography timeline

If you prefer a classic storyline or a small party with main events in the same location,  Vanilla Brides company strongly recommends inviting a contractor for at least 6 hours. This format allows capturing all the main important moments and does not tire out the loving couple and guests. It is recommended for couples with a limited budget. At the same time there is no need to worry about the quality of shots: it, as well as the photographer’s work will be at a high level. A 6 hour wedding photography timeline might look like this (approximately):

  • 2:00 – bride’s preparations;
  • 3:00 – groom’s preparations;
  • 3:40 – “first look” or arrival of guests and photo with them;
  • 4:30 – ceremony;
  • 5:00 – photo session with relatives;
  • 5:30 – reception, toasts, feast;
  • 6:30 – first dance;
  • 6:40 – dance program;
  • 7:30 – cutting the cake;
  • 7:45 – throwing the bouquet or garter;
  • 8:00 – departure of the photographer.

This format offers a few photos from the dance part of the holiday (or doesn’t include them at all) and may not accommodate some important moments if they are scheduled for a later time (after the photographer has left). 

8 hour wedding photography timeline

Many newlyweds prefer an 8-hour wedding photography timeline by as the most optimal and successful option.. It allows covering almost any wedding day from start to end. With this format, you’ll get more beautiful pictures from the celebration, and you can plan the “first look” harmoniously without the need to reduce or abandon other important elements of the event.

The timeline could be something like this:

  • 1:00 – bride’s preparations;
  • 2:00 – groom’s preparations;
  • 2:40 – “first look”;
  • 3:30 – arrival of guests;
  • 3:50 – group photos;
  • 4:00 – ceremony;
  • 4:30 – congratulations;
  • 5:00 – start of the banquet;
  • 6:00 – photo with guests;
  • 6:30 – first dance;
  • 6:45 – dance program;
  • 7:30 – dance and photo session with parents;
  • 8:00 – cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, dancing;
  • 9:00 – departure of the photographer.

The eight-hour package is versatile and budget-friendly. The photographer’s attention covers even an eventful celebration. As a result of his work you’ll receive high-quality pictures in love-story style, photos with all guests and memories of the overall atmosphere of the holiday.

10 hour wedding photography timeline

When planning a celebration, some couples realize that even an 8-hour photography service package won’t be enough to fully cover all the moments of such an important event of their life. The option of a 10-hour photography timeline will be relevant  if a couple has decided to get married in the church and if they have a few hour time gap between the key  stages of the ceremony (church wedding and banquet, for example).  For this format, the schedule might look like this: 

  • 12:00 – bride’s preparations;
  • 1:00 – groom’s preparations;
  • 1:40 – “first look”;
  • 2:30 – portraits;
  • 2:50 – arrival of guest;
  • 3:00 – ceremony;
  • 3:30 – congratulations, photos with guests;
  • 4:00 – buffet reception;
  • 4:30 – photo with parents;
  • 5:00 – start of the banquet;
  • 5:30 – toasting, feasting;
  • 6:30 – first dance;
  • 6:45 – dance program;
  • 7:00 – photo walk;
  • 7:30 – dance and photo session with parents;
  • 8:00 – cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss;
  • 9:00 – dances;
  • 10:00 – departure of the photographer.

With this format, the photographer is present from the couple’s preparations to the final moment of the wedding celebration. Of all the wedding photography packages, this option is the most extensive one. You can make the day as rich and bright as possible, capturing it in pictures from the professionals of their business.

How to make a choice

The choice of the most suitable package in terms of budget, timing and client’s wishes should be made after determining the concept of the wedding, the venue and work coordination of  other contractors. After agreeing on all important moments and traditions, which will be embodied on your holiday, it will be easier to choose the photography timeline for weddings, but clarify with the contractor  how long each of them will take. 

In addition, you can order additional options to any package: a video, a wedding album, a live broadcast of the event or additional hours of shooting (paid separately).

Planning the timing of the photo shoot is an important part of the organization. First, think about your comfort during the celebration and pleasant memories after it. Moreover, contractors in any case will do their work responsibly, qualitatively and creatively.