How can I increase my Instagram following

Today, Instagram is one of the most expressive social media platforms online, therefore securing your company’s presence there is a wise step while looking for new clients.

The network has impressively expanded in recent years, overtaking popular social media like Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat with more than 500 million active users.

Knowing how to use this kind of communication to reach your audience ensures a positive competitive advantage for your business, but first it’s important to understand how to attract readers who become addicted to your articles.

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Why spend money on Instagram?

If the fact that there are more than 500 million active users on the network isn’t enough to persuade you, then knowing that the use of photos in content marketing produces outstanding results for all kinds of businesses would.

Not only that, either. 80 million photographs are shared on Instagram on average every day, and more than 60% of users are connected every day. On the other hand, according to Global Index, the network’s size has doubled over the past year, and after the introduction of Instagram Stories, further growth is anticipated.

There are no good reasons not to use the communication channel to forge ever-closer ties with your audience if your person interacts on Instagram.

Investing in Instagram only needs the following to ensure a successful initial step:

Observance of trends

Do not waste any more time and proceed right away to build your profile on the network! Be cautious with the tone of communication when you frequently engage online!

What if I want to purchase fans?

If you still believe that purchasing follower packs is the greatest option for your company, you should reconsider your marketing plan. The same thing occurs when email lists are purchased.

When you purchase Instagram users, you are artificially adding a large number of users who will subsequently decorate your profile. Some bogus profiles, inactive individuals, and—worst of all—active users who aren’t in your niche are among the new arrivals.

Always keep in mind that statistics do not, by themselves, guarantee sales or popularity. Engagement, conversions, and other indicators that aren’t simply for show must be taken into account.

I welcome you to read the ebook on Instagram before we get started in order to understand more about the social network, techniques, and best practices:

The ideal posting period

The greatest times of day to upload photos to Instagram during the week are between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., according to data. More people utilize the social network in the afternoon on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). 

We might use the same principle while discussing Instagram Stories publishes (the well-known publications that are erased after 24 hours).

For a number of reasons, including the first being that you need to know your audience and understand what hours they might be using social media, this may not be a guideline for you. In many circumstances, these hours may not work for your audience. How often, etc.

Therefore, the hours suggested by the statistics of may not be accurate if your Instagram audience is made up of people who work night shifts, for example. Similarly, if your audience is made up of housewives with more than two children, they may have time to view your Instagram at various times.

Iconosquare is a tool for gaining followers on Instagram that allows you to discover more information, such as the persons who like your posts the most and the filters that get the most likes, in addition to the optimum time for your posts.

Common filters

Do you believe that using a photo filter can help you increase your Instagram following? Instagram provides 24 basic filters (and 11 filters for posts in Stories) for photo editing, but you may also adjust photos with many other features including brightness, shadows, saturation, and more.

Filter Advice

Images with more bluish and lightened filters can drive more traffic than those with red or orange tones, according renowned Instagram expert Curalate.

The Instagram accounts that receive the most interaction in terms of followers and likes are typically those that apply the same filter to all of the photographs; this gives the feed a more structured and polished appearance.

Making customisable filters with higher-quality VSCO software is one of the most recent trends in Instagram image filters. Although it is not integrated with Instagram, this app offers more varied filters and has gained popularity thanks to the well-known hashtag #VSCO

The same is true for photo sizes; Instagram allows you to frame your images in a variety of sizes. It is recommended to select one of the two possibilities and stick with it; this will help your profile appear more structured and committed.

Regarding Instagram Stories, there is currently no data on the color filters used on the photographs, but it is advised to avoid using them because they lessen the prominence of the message.

It goes without saying that you must be consistent with the message you want to convey to your audience if we are talking about the popular filters because they not only provide amusement but also a lot of engagement.

Face filters are probably not the best to utilize on your professional profile if you run a company’s social media accounts; save them for your personal profile or the hottest Instagrammers. Your Instagram following might disappear.

Publishable types of content

The kind of content you should post will mostly depend on your goals for the social network and your audience.

Publishing the same kind of information across all social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and linkedin, is a fault committed by many businesses and businesspeople. Have you already considered how monotonous it is to always see the same thing on social media?

Instagram is a simpler network by nature, necessitating a more focused and entirely visual type of information.

You could, for instance, use plainer language on this social network, depict what life is like inside your business, or share some more relatable and human anecdotes about your brand, leaving linkedin for more complex content.

Insta-gram is happy. You must thoroughly research your target market, comprehend their qualities, be aware of what they anticipate from a social media platform like Instagram, and determine what is best for you as a business or brand.

We could discuss considerably less serious themes and brief, focused messages in stories. Whether they are written notes, videos, or pictures.

Always remember that if you have followers it is because they find your content intriguing, therefore offer them what they are asking for. Take care not to strangle your audience with “much of the same.”

The problem that many Instagram accounts make is posting too many Stories too regularly; this wears out your audience and results in you losing followers.

Emoji usage on Instagram

When it came to communication, emojis made a huge impact on our digital worlds.

Emojis, such as smiley faces and hearts, help you connect with your audience, but you should be careful not to overuse them. If you run a more serious business, using emojis in your posts and comments will not make a good impression on your followers, who are almost certainly already customers or may become so in the near future.