Gaining Affordable Second Citizenship with Migrate World

For high-net-worth investors, second citizenship from a tropical island may come with a multi-million dollar price tag. But with the expertise of Migrate World, even those of more modest means can find accessible pathways to dual citizenship through strategic investment.

What is Citizenship by Investment? 

Citizenship by investment programs allows foreigners to obtain citizenship and a passport from another country by making a substantial economic contribution there. Most programs offer citizenship to investors who do one of the following:

– Purchase real estate at a designated minimum value 

– Invest in an approved local business venture

– Make a large cash donation to a national development or legacy fund

While some nations require eight-figure investments, Migrate World seeks out more affordable programs on behalf of budget-conscious applicants.

The Cheapest Options for Second Citizenship

The visa consultants at Migrate World focus on recommending citizenship programs that offer the best value, not just the lowest cost. But through their extensive experience assisting thousands of clients worldwide, they maintain strong relationships with citizenship programs that cater to investors on a budget.

Some of the most economical options the firm advises on include:

– Turkey – $250,000 government investment + real estate purchase

– Montenegro – €250,000 to €450,000 mixed investment 

– Antigua & Barbuda – $100,000 National Development Fund donation

– St Lucia – $100,000 National Economic Fund contribution 

– Moldova – $130k to $150k for citizenship by investment

Their experts also guide clients interested in the U.S. EB-5 immigrant visa program, which grants green cards for investing just $900,000 in businesses creating American jobs.

Full-Service Application Management

Migrate World doesn’t just refer clients to programs – their dedicated team walks you through every step from initial application to passport issuance. They handle all paperwork, liaise with government reviewers on your behalf if questions arise, and advise you on maintaining compliance after citizenship is secured. 

For real estate investments, the firm can even source qualified properties in that country and manage the end-to-end purchase process. Their comprehensive support makes obtaining second citizenship smooth and straightforward.

Business Setup Services 

For those interested in making their citizenship investment through an active business venture, Business Setup in Dubai through Migrate World services helps companies to grow & set up globally.

In the UAE, for example, their experts assist with launching new companies in Dubai-free zones or on the mainland with 100% foreign ownership. From selecting a location and activity type to obtaining licenses and visas, they streamline the process while ensuring full legal compliance.

They provide similar Company Formation in Saudi Arabia through Migrate World services across the Gulf Cooperation Council, including in Oman. Successful launches there lead to 3-year renewable Saudi work visas and residency for investors.

Let’s Explore Attainable Citizenship Solutions

Thanks to Migrate World’s global expertise, second passports are now within reach even for those unable or unwilling to invest millions upfront. Contact their team today to learn more about identifying reputable, affordable citizenship programs tailored to your priorities. Their consultations are always complimentary.